Career levels at ID-Consult

Okay, honestly: What are career perspectives at ID-Consult?

First of all: There is no Up or Out at ID-Consult. Our employees are unique - and have unique perspectives. However, here's a typical career example:
Carsten just received his industrial engineering degree. He joins ID-Consult as consultant and assumes responsibility from day one. Based on his level of qualification and academic education (field of expertise, bachelor, master or Ph. D.) he reaches the senior consultant level after two or three years. His duties and responsiblities change in line with this development.

Another two years later he assumes a leading role for entire projects and teams - he becomes project manager. His experience grows continuously. By now, Carsten is well-connected throughout the industry and can be proud of winning first projects. Slowly but surely, he is ready to take on entrepreneurial responsibility and become a partner...

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Prof. Dr. Florian Kauf