METUS License Models

Full flexibility. From very small to really big.

METUS® is available with flexible license models. Everything from a single-workplace license to corporate solutions. Adapted to your needs.

Viewer and author licenses

METUS differentiates between authors with write permission and viewers. They can read, analyze and visualize but not edit contents.   

Floating licenses

A license can be assigned to any number of users. Available as a hardware license (Dongle) or software key.

Server licenses

These are available for distributed work. For your own corporate server or our cloud solution. 

Starter pack

The starter pack is perfect for small teams. One author license that can be used by all team members. In addition, it includes three viewer licenses without write permission. You will learn everything about efficiently using the system in one full-day training.

Business pack

The business pack is designed for bigger teams and departments. It contains three author licenses, ten viewer and one server license. The installation and a three-day training are included as well.

Enterprise pack

We gladly offer larger installations on an individual basis.

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Marco van Meegen
Software Engineering