METUS Method Components

The methodological toolbox for your product architecture.

The METUS Method is comprised of several consecutive components. These are individually combined, which makes it possible to optimally adapt them to specific project requirements.


Market & customers

Analysis of target markets and evaluation of market segments, customers and competitors


Recording and structural assessment of the requirements of various customer groups and market segments

Variant drivers

Identification of variant drivers and their values

Functional structure

Development of a hierarchical functional structure and detailed functional descriptions

Concept evaluation

Development and evaluation of alternative solutions to realize the requested functions

Intellectual Property

Assessment of the impact of IP rights on the product architecture

Product structure

Development of a generic product structure based on components and assemblies

Standardization & Variance

Variant-oriented optimization of the product structure due to deliberate standardization of components and modules


Establishment and optimization of various types of interfaces between components and assemblies


Establishment of product structure modules as a result of various stakeholder perspectives

Cost & effect evaluation

Systematic identification of potentials to reduce costs

Supply Chain

Optimization of the scope of supply, make-or-buy decisions and supply chain


Optimization of the product structure and assembly sequence

Modular system

Identification of required component and module variants, depicted in the modular system

Organization & processes

Integration of the modular system into your organization and processes in order to implement and manage the modular system


Provision of a controlling intrument with key performance indicators in order to manage the modular system


Definition of the chronological order of library and module development

Product portfolio

Product portfolio design in alignment with the markets, the company's strategy and the modular system

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Dr. Jan Göpfert
Managing Director
Dr. Gerhard Tretow
Managing Director