Full flexibility. Thanks to the right technology.

METUS® is available both as a single-workplace version and a server version. For any demand. From the occasional user to corporate solutions.


METUS® on your PC

METUS® is a platform-independent application that works on any PC. Permanent. Locally. Also without network connection. The METUS® file contains the entire data model. Perfect for individual users or small teams.

METUS® Enterprise Server

When several individuals want to work together on a single data model, it is time for the METUS® Enterprise Server. It contains the central database, manages roles, access rights and different projects, records changes and uses versioning. In any case. All this happens without the users noticing it. They simply connect to the server that is in charge of synchronizing data. A convenient solution for all those who are constantly on the move: offline work is still possible as well! 

METUS® Cloud Server

The METUS® Server can stand in your company. Or you take advantage of our METUS® Cloud Server. You receive your own, completely separate space to safely manage your projects and data. And you do not need to worry about such tiresome things like installation, server hardware or backups. We also manage access rights and roles upon request.

METUS®  Technology

The development of METUS® was based on the pioneering Eclipse-Rich-Client-Platform (RCP). While the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is used for model-driven development, the graphic editors are based on the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF). We use EMFStore as our server technology, which offers distributed work and at the same time state-of-the-art distributed revision control systems, such as Mercurial or GIT. We are an active part and promoter of the Eclipse community through our own scientific expert contributions and open source commits.

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Marco van Meegen
Software Engineering