Consumer Goods and Household Appliances

The world market for household appliances is facing stagnation. We live in a world, however, where an increasing part of the population is getting wealthier, while natural resources are dwindling. In consequence, there is a high demand in household appliances that combine utmost comfort with energy efficiency:  
  • Which product strategies promise growth both in emerging and highly developed markets – how can the many different needs and wishes of consumers be satisfied?
  • Which further functions and USPs will be added to the product in the years to come – what does the product roadmap look like?
  • When considering diverse market requirements and ever-changing consumer taste, how do we control the platform development for an entire lifecycle? 
The METUS method is able to synchronize requirements from all over the world, control interdisciplinary coordination processes in the early phase of product development, and create the optimal product platform.

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Adi Stahuber