The Lab in a nutshell

The Innovation & Digitalization Lab is a joint project between Siemens Industry Software and ID-Consult GmbH. Over an area of around 400 square meters, it offers a complete walk through the innovation and product development process.  In the lab, all disciplines involved in the product creation process are systematically aligned, allowing them to create a digital twin of their products and plants. The lab facilitates the hands-on use of virtual product and production systems for product design, engineering and production planning as well as the associated services. Companies have the possibility to experience the entire digital tool chain, and to develop and evaluate new product and production avenues.

Multifunctional platform

The Innovation & Digitalization Lab provides a platform for the exchange of expertise and joint development projects. It enables users to simulate the impacts of different requirements and product architecture decisions and to track these through the engineering stage as far as the production processes themselves. This is made possible by the lab’s extensive equipment resources, which range from software such as METUS, Tecnomatix, NX and Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software through hardware such as 3D printers, an interactive planning table and PC workstations. The lab offers space for seminars, creativity workshops, presentations and conferences.

Creative Environment

The ID Lab shall offer an environment for demonstrating a digital innovation journey, of inspiration for the creation of innovative ideas,, for the sharing of expertise, for giving presentations, as well as a forum for discussions. At your disposal,  you will find the following features:

  • Fully equipped environment for innovation workshops (PCs, Screens, 3D-printer…)
  • Training environment for seminars and software applications
  • Space for product presentations, podium discussions and conferences
  • Equipped with real products (bike & coffee-machine) or tailored to customer’s product

The Innovation & Digitalization Lab is located in Munich, well connected to highways and public transport.

You’d like to use the lab for your own company? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Dr. Oliver Anton
Hannes Ramoser